Best Free School Management System Software – MyPaathshala

Free school management system software - MyPaathshala

In this pandemic, managing school has become full of challenges. Now there are so many aspects to deal with because of which school management has become a hard and time-consuming task. When you have the right ERP software for your school, handling the process of academic by teachers, parents, principals, and students become seamless.

With the bend of technology, digitalization in the education sector, administration and academic management is done smoothly. School management software (MyPaathshala) can cope with day to day management of work in a systematic way. MyPaathshala automates school process to avoid costly errors.

Today in this blog, We’ll tell you all about MyPaathshala best school management software in India. So let’s begin.

An Overview of School Management Software

School Management Software is a powerful tool which is specially designed to manage day to day administrative & academic tasks of schools. It also helps the schools to digitally monitor daily activities along with managing resources on a single platform. School management software is used to keep track of student attendance, assignment, leaves, events, fees and much more.

School management software uses technology for the seamless working of school administration. All the communities related to school are connected through school management software or through mobile application. Today, in this pandemic school management software has become an essential tool for many schools because the process of school administration runs efficiently and the school can focus on their academic expertise than ever before. MyPaathshala is one of the best school management software in Lucknow which is developed by the team of experts. MyPaathshala connects school, students, and parents to each other through a mobile application. It also saves time and resources spend on school management which increases productivity.

Why MyPaathshala is the best School Management Software?


Why choose MyPaathshala - the best free school managenet system in India

MyPaathshala is designed by the team of experts who understand the latest technology trends in the education sector. Also, we offer 24/7 assistance. Below I have stated some reasons why you should use MyPaathshala School Management Software.

  • Fully Customizable: everyone has a different need, therefore, MyPaathshala school management software can be customized to any school need. We have a set of customizable modules and multi-lingual support too.
  • Easy to use: MyPaathshala school management software is designed in such a way that anyone with basic computer knowledge can use it. We also give training sessions in which you can easily learn all the basic of MyPaathshala.
  • Mobile App: MyPaathshala is a school management software but we also give a complete mobile application solution which can be used by students, teachers and parents. With just a single click school administration can send the required information to parents and students. The mobile application is completely free of cost for students, teachers and parents.
  • Consistent Customer Service: school management software will require consistent customer service after the purchase. MyPaathshala provides the best after-sales service.
  • Web-based: MyPaathshala school ERP is web-based so it can be used anytime anywhere.
  • Data backup & security: MyPaathshala uses cloud computing which means data is saved on the cloud and can be used anytime. The best thing about MyPaathshala is that data backup is automatic.
  • Free demonstration: we give a complete free demonstration of MyPaathshala school management software. We want you to get to know everything about our product before you purchase it.

Salient Features of MyPaathshala

Salient features of MyPaathshala - best school management app and web based system

With MyPaathshala both teaching and learning become fun. Below you can read more about features of MyPaathshala.


MyPaathshala application helps the schools to manage the attendance of students. The administrator can manage attendance subject wise as well as day wise.


Teachers / Students can easily submit an assignment online. Parents can check the assignment status and submission process.

Assessment/ Unit Test

Assessment of students is considered very important for teachers as well as parents. With the help of MyPaathshala unit test feature, assessment of students can be done easily.

Track Student Learning

A student tracking system is an assessment tools of MyPaathshala which can help to monitor and support the continuous process of learning.

Fees Management

It is one of the important features of MyPaathshala. Fees management helps the school to collect the fees with the help of online fees payment feature. MyPaathshala has a seamless online payment process and also helps in maintaining a proper database for every transaction.

News Section

This feature includes information related to academic sessions, fees or any school management related news. School administration can add news related to upcoming events or changes in the school calendar.

SMS / Notification

MyPaathshala makes sure that parents do not miss any important notice or activities related to their children. Any activity/update on children will be notified to their parents with the help of customised SMS or notification feature.

Birthday Reminders

Based on data uploaded of teachers and students, MyPaathshala software comes up with the innovative idea of birthday reminders of their classmates as well as teachers. Students can send wishes online to their teachers and classmates as well.

Leave Management

This feature can be used by school management as well as students. User can apply for leave by filling leave form from this section. This reduces the paperwork as well as simplifies the process of granting leave

Online Exam

MyPaathshala will make conducting exams easier.

Notice/ Diary

Diary of the students can be accessed by the parents to keep a track of homework and day to day activities of the classes.

Event Section

MyPaathshala enables a user to create and develop festivals, events and conferences for schools. Both parents and students will get the instant notification of any upcoming event organised by the school.

What makes MyPaathsala School Management System different from others?

MyPaathshala has both parents and students portals which helps everyone to stay connected.

Teacher Portal

MyPaathshala teacher portal can be used by mobile application or web-based. This portal helps teachers to connect with parents and students. A teacher can access student information like performance, attendance, leaves, fees and much more. Teacher portal helps the teachers to mark attendance subject wise.

Parent Portal

Parents can log in into MyPaathshala through their unique ID. parents can monitor their child’s daily activities. Parent portal comes with essential features like school event tracking, fee management, student attendance, assignment status, exam results and school diary. The parent portal of MyPaathshala is linked with school management software which notifies parents for any due fees.

Why MyPaathshala School Management Software is important for your school?

MyPaathshala school management software helps the school to reach new heights and helps in making more informed decisions. Nowadays if you want to save time and resources then you need MyPaathshala School Management Software.

Homework Management

With the use of MyPaathshala, students can download and upload their assignments. MyPaathshala has different integration system which allows the student to upload videos and other attachments. Teachers can also post homework or assignments with necessary documents for reference.

Attendance Management

With Mypaathshala attendance is recorded in just a few clicks. Teachers can review student attendance and can also create an attendance report. MyPaathshala is also equipped with SMS and notification feature that notifies the parents on the presence or absent of their children.

Fee Payment Management

With MyPaathshala parents can make the fee payment online. Teachers can also notify the parents for upcoming fees.

Exam Management

MyPaathshala comes with unique features to conduct objective and subjective assessments.

Easy to maintain records

Maintaining school records can be a task but with MyPaathshala managing all the data becomes effortless. You can access information on your fingertips.

Final Conclusion

The numerous advantages offered by MyPaathshala gives enough reasons to implement this system to modern educational institutions. The School Management Software System will facilitate the schools, to manage their operational work smoothly and cost-effectively.

The traditional examination method has a lot of loopholes. MyPaathshala will fill all those undesired gaps and manages online examinations in an efficient manner. It also reduces the communication gap between students and teachers.


So if you are looking forward to joining the future journey give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

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